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1. Scope of the agreement

These terms and conditions apply to agreements on the purchase of products that Multitronic Pro Oy has entered into with companies, institutions and organizations. 
In this agreement, "Customer" means a company or organization, which enters into or has entered into an agreement with Multitronic Pro Oy for the purchase of products that Multitronic Pro Oy provides. 
By placing an order and/or requesting a quote, the Customer accepts Multitronic Pro Oy's contract terms. The customer's own terms of the agreement shall not be applied at all.
Multitronic Pro Oy is not obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract if the contractual performance has been delayed or prevented by an insurmountable obstacle or equivalent cause that unreasonably complicates Multitronic Pro Oy's operations ("Insurmountable obstacle"). Such causes can be, for example, new legislation, government action, strikes, lockouts, restrictions on exports or imports, wars, epidemics, fire, disruption of communications or postal distribution, power outages, earthquakes, floods, blizzards or other natural disasters. In these situations, the following applies to Multitronic Pro Oy: 

  1. Multitronic Pro Oy is not obliged to deliver the product in accordance with the terms of the agreement. 
  2. Multitronic Pro Oy is not liable for damages or costs incurred due to the insurmountable obstacle. 
  3. In the event of an insurmountable obstacle, Multitronic Pro Oy has the right to terminate the agreement with the Customer. 

In addition, an insurmountable obstacle automatically extends the time limit for the performance of the contractual performance for a period corresponding to the duration of the obstacle. 
2. Ordering and delivery costs 
Orders are made via the web shop The purchase is considered to have been concluded definitively when the products have been sent to the Customer's address. This means that Multitronic Pro Oy and the Customer can withdraw from the purchase until this time is reached without any contract law penalties. 
Information on delivery options and delivery costs can be found in the shopping cart. The delivery cost depends on which delivery method the Customer chooses and the weight of the products the Customer buys. Information on payment methods is also available in the shopping cart. 
In the event of any errors in the stated price, estimated delivery time or similar circumstances, Multitronic Pro Oy reserves the right to correct this afterwards. 
3. Product information 
Further information about the products is available by clicking on the product name in question in Multitronic Pro Oy's web shop. Please note that the product image may differ from the product offer or contain products that are not included in the product. 
If the Customer is unsure of the information provided about the product, the Customer can be in contact with Multitronic Pro Oy's customer service at or via the chat. 
4. Stock status 
The products' stock information and estimated delivery dates are estimates given to Multitronic Pro Oy from third parties. (by various suppliers and manufacturers). 
An order is delivered when the products in the order are in stock. If not all products are available, the products that are available are reserved while waiting for the others to be in stock. 
The customer receives regular information about orders awaiting products to be in stock. This information is sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the order. The customer can make changes to their orders to speed up delivery, for example by switching to products that are in stock. The easiest way for the Customer to make a change in their order is to email Multitronic Pro Oy at, or contact Multitronic Pro Oy via the chat. 
Estimated delivery times are not binding and Multitronic Pro Oy is not responsible for damages or delays caused by the Customer due to delays in delivery.
5. Payment method 
The customer can pay for their purchase via invoice, bank connection or bank / credit card. 
When a product is purchased via invoice Multitronic Pro Oy reserves the right of ownership of the product until full payment has been received. 
6. Complaints in the event of transport damage 
The customer must check the order immediately when the delivery is received. If the Customer receives a damaged product, this must be reported within five (5) days after the delivery has been received. The Customer is not entitled to invoke a defect in the product or demand compensation, price deduction or other contractual penalty if the Customer has neglected to complain about the defect within the above-mentioned complaint period. 
Damage reports are made to or via the Customer's web shop account from the menu "Goods return".
7. Warranty 

Any warranty of the product is granted by the manufacturer and the scope of the warranty is determined by the manufacturer's terms. However, in warranty matters, the product can be returned to Multitronic Pro Oy, which delivers the product on to the manufacturer. Please note that personal data, programs and applications saved on hard disks and memories, for example, are not covered by the warranty. 
The warranty period usually applies from the product's delivery date. Multitronic Pro Oy has no obligation to receive the product for re-delivery to the manufacturer after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired. Opening / breaking the product and handling of the product terminates the warranty and liability of Multitronic Pro Oy unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. 
All warranty matters must have a Service Number. The service number can be obtained via or via the Customer's webshop account from the menu "Product return". 
When reporting warranty matters, the error must be carefully described, for example what, when, how and under what circumstances the error occurred. 
Multitronic Pro Oy reserves the right to ask the Customer to contact the manufacturer directly or with the manufacturer's official service point. Additional information about the service can be requested by the Customer from Multitronic Pro Oy via
8. Complaints in the event of defects in the product 
When reporting defects in the product, the defect must be carefully described. 
A defective product is replaced with a repaired, equivalent or identical product. Multitronic Pro Oy reserves the right to decide for itself whether a repair, equivalent or identical product is to be paid to the Customer. Alternatively, the product can be credited to the product's invoice amount or the daily price of the product. If the product has been discontinued from Multitronic Pro Oy's range, Multitronic Pro Oy reserves the right to value the product. 
9. Regret of purchase 
Multitronic Pro Oy offers the right of withdrawal and return within seven (7) days, if Multitronic Pro Oy has approved the return and the following conditions are met: 

  1. The customer has received a return number from Multitronic Pro Oy and the product is returned immediately after the return number has been received. 
  2. The product is in original unbroken packaging complete with all accessories and the product and packaging are in the same condition as at the time of purchase. 
  3. The product is not provided with its own stickers or theft marking. 

Special orders such as e.g. computer with additional configuration is not covered by the above-mentioned right of withdrawal. 
The compensation for products that are returned is determined on the basis of the product's condition and market value. From the refund amount of returned products, any deductions can be made if the condition of the product has deteriorated after the time of purchase. 
When returning products, the Customer is responsible for the shipping cost from Multitronic Pro Oy to the manufacturer / manufacturer's customer service and from the manufacturer back to Multitronic Pro Oy. The customer is also obliged to pay the case handling fees. For returns, Multitronic Pro Oy always charges a handling fee of at least EUR 35 VAT 0%. 
Transport upon return takes place at the Customer's risk and the Customer is responsible for any damage that occurs during that transport. Multitronic Pro Oy does not redeem packages that are sent by cash on delivery. Each return must be carefully packaged. As many of Multitronic Pro Oy's products are sensitive, the Customer should be careful with the packaging. Returns that are not proper packaged and damaged in the mail due to this is returned to the Customer. 
The Customer must provide the package with clearly visible endorsements with the Customer's received return or warranty change number. The customer must also include the corresponding information inside the package. If the shipment does not have the prescribed guarantee or return number, the processing of the return will be delayed. 
Return address: 
Multitronic Pro Oy 
”Return number” ”RMA” 
Gerbyvägen 16 
65230 VASA 
10. Change of contract terms 
Multitronic Pro Oy has the right to change the contract terms or fees even after the conclusion of the contract, if it does not affect the central content of the contract or entails a significant deterioration for the Customer. 
11. Applicable law 
Finnish law applies to agreements between Multitronic Pro Oy and the Customer.

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